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Online-Kurs "Tricks of Trump"

Online course at the TOP price of 199€ only- Book now!

With your purchase you will receive your personal access to the online course "Tricks of Trump: His best manipulation techniques" IMMEDIATELY! (course in English)

Course content:

  1. How does Trump get away with alternative facts?
  2. What 3 types of manipulation tricks are there?
  3. Trump's psychological tricks
  4. Trump's logical tricks and rhetorical tricks
  5. FAQ on Donald Trump’s success from enrolled students

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Your benefits:
 Trainer is TOP-Speaker in Europe!
3.5 hours video content & 52 video lessons
lifelong access & incl. Argumentorik Certificate
30-day money-back guarantee
more than 1.500 happy participants


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199,00 €
Great job!:

Mr. Jachtchenko explained the three main categories of manipulation techniques Donald Trump uses in order to manipulate people. He is doing a great Job! I already knew some techniques, but all in all I learned a lot of new techniques — always with the transition how to use them in real life. I like the style of Wlad explaining things clearly and understandable.

Well done!:

Well done analysis of how manipulators like Trump get away with it. It's true that we know more about grammar than about these psychological tricks. Mr. Jachtchenko changes that.


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