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Overcome Phone Addiction Guide


Smartphone users check their phones more than 150 times a day on average. So, if you believe you are addicted, you are not alone. Many people suffer from smartphone addiction.

Apps are designed to keep your attention for as long as possible.Over time,they can become quite difficult to put down.But, the longer you stay scrolling,the more money social media platforms make off of you.This gives social media companies plenty of reasons to make their apps as addictive as possible.

These are some basic signs of phone addiction:

Craving access to phone

●Checking phone constantly

●Anxious when it is not insight


●Sleep problems

If you believe you are suffering from cell phone addiction,you will want to take the needed steps to change this right away.Your relationships could go down hill if you do not. Plus, you will feel much better the less you are on your phone. You will have time for hobbies and things that you enjoy again!

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