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  • Instant Access to The Golf Clinic™ - Billed Monthly
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    The Golf Clinic™ shows the customer how to easily and quickly lower his average scores with proven secrets and shortcuts for increased enjoyment of the game.    

    This monthly e-newsletter is packed with content and tips with easy and fast execution that have been condensed from thousands of hours of lessons from instructors who coach the top PGA Tour players in the world.  The author personally knows these coaches and has put their performance secrets and techniques into simple, easy and fast fixes so golfers can take them right to their next rounds – no practice required!  

    The hot buttons with every golfer are covered every month, such as driving the ball farther than ever before, easily getting on the green from green-side bunkers, increased putting accuracy and approach shots that get closer to the pin for par and birdie opportunities.

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    Darts mentaltraining ENGLISH "Head Games" + 3 Hour Audio
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    Darts mental training "HEAD GAMES"! english version -E-Book + 3 hour audio


    My book HEAD GAMES is an ideal addition to the “regular” darts training.

    It is not a cure-all solution to improve your game from naught to sixty, so you can dart as van Gerven does... but...

    It is a workbook with a lot of applicable tips and tricks,

    audio data that comes in where the mental strength is developed... the subconsciousness!


    I created the book HEAD GAMES the way the modern sports-mental training works, so that you are able to improve your game and also show your strength while the competition.


    About me: My Name is Richard, 52 Years old/young, and I live in Bavaria (southern part of germany)


    • mental-hypnosis coach
    • relaxation therapist
    • team leader: progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson. Darts mental coach of many german top darts players and talents.
    • Lakeside BDO world championship 2018 semi-finalist Michael Unterbuchner
    • WDF Europe Youth Cup winner 2015
    • European youth champion  soft tip darts 2016 and 2017
    • German champion steel and soft tip darts
    • Bavarian darts champion 2018
    • first national league players
    • PDC participants

               and more


    Why you should buy the book HEAD GAMES?


    Not only experts agree that darts is a total “head game”. It is said that: “80 percent of darts is a mind thing and the rest of it is a mental”

    I share this opinion and I know that hardly anyone concentrates on the one thing that is the road to success.. the mental abilities, the HEAD GAME

    You want to improve your game and also enjoy it and to learn something for your private life in addition? So catch the book and work with it!


    To the contents of the e-book HEAD GAMES


    • a written part with 138 DIN-certificated A5 format pages. Amusing, easy to read and very compact. Loosened up with pictures and art desing.


    The topics are also:

    • concentration, flow, self-confidence
    • visualisation
    • control of thinking while the game
    • routine while competitions
    • body language and the effect on the brain
    • positive goals and target achievement
    • acting
    • the way the subconsciousness works
    • hypnotic anchor
    • sport hypnosis
    • enjoy the match
    • to handle the pressure and put you at ease
    • real life examples
    • and much more!


    The mp3 audio files (more than 3 hours)


    1. Introduction to the mp3 audio files
    2. audio competition
    3. audio hypnotic anchor
    4. audio dartitis
    5. audio deep relaxation
    6. audio let go (loosen blockade)
    7. audio improve of self-confidence/self-assurance


    Finally some readers opinions... authentic, word for word (only translated). To be discreet, no names...


    +++ “I visited Richi at home and I bought the e-book... buy and enjoy.”+++


    +++” I also got it. I have to admit that it is a very successful device to mentally strengthen oneself. I daily listen to some parts of the e-book. Probably I was one of the first persons to listen to the book and I don´t regret even one cent I invested. People who believe in it and get in to it, like I do, will be mentally strengthened and will learn to not loose the inner point of rest while a tense situation. If time permits it, I will travel to Bavaria, to get my individualized audio hypnosis. Thank you Richard Weese”


    +++”Hi! I can just recommand it! Especially the audio files are worth their weight in gold. Richard Weese is an absolute expert in mental coaching and also a well versed darts player. In this combination I do not know anyone being more professional.”


    +++”I just can tell positive things, however you have to keep your self busy with it and involve the mental training in your training schedule...”


    ++ “It´s just super”


    +++ Hey Richar, I hope you are happy about feedback! Yesterday I challenged a competition, after many weeks torment while playing darts, I had really good results, you can´t compare my game with my darts I played some weeks ago. I was easy, self-confident and absolutely relaxed. Kind regards and thank you very much”



    Just play YOUR game!

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    The Pure Art of Serrada Escrima SerCuerdas English
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    SerCuerdas The Pure Art of Serrada ng Escrima Vol. 1 -3 The Foundation Set 1-3

    Vol. 1 Set1 Basic Weapons Training ca. 35 min. Runtime Master JC Cabiero shows, and demonstrates: Ser Cuerdas, The Rattan Parts, Twirling, C-Hand, Signals, Triangel Footwork Positioning 80/20, Salute,Basic Strikes 1-12, Cincotero Flow, DeCadena Flow, Basic Blocks 1-12 Set1

    Vol. 2 The Foundation Set 2 Basic Weapons Training ca. 35 min, Runtime Master JC Cabiero shows: Basic Strikes 1-12, Basic Blocks 1-12 Set 2 Lock and Block Sparring

    Vol. 3 The Foundation Set 3 Basic Weapons Training ca. 30 min. Runtime Master JC Cabiero shows: Basic Strikes 1-12, Basic Blocks 1-12 Set 3 Lock and Block Sparring Advanced Weapons Training Language Englisch

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