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  • His Secret Obsession
    *Net per sale

    Earn 90% commissions on front and backend sales promoting His Secret Obsession - One of the highest converting offers in its class that is taking the women’s market by storm

    His Secret Obsession has helped thousands of women improve their relationships, and in the process paid out millions in affiliate commissions.

    Right now we’re offering 90% commission on our entire funnel so you can make up to $180.71 per customer!

    And with killer conversion rates and sky high upsell take rates, many of our affiliates are earning as much as $5.45 per hop!

    So far, our affiliates have earned over $4.8 million promoting BeIrresistible products!

    And to show how serious we are about helping you, we’ve gone and done something I think you’re going to love...

    We’ve headhunted some absolute rockstar affiliates and asked them to share their traffic methods and marketing ideas in our affiliate success newsletter which you don’t want to miss if you want more traffic.

    We’ve also got a secret Facebook group where you can ask us or the group questions, network with other affiliates, and get inspired for your next promotion.

    Plus, at the end of the day we can all feel good knowing that we are helping women find real solutions to their most painful relationship issues and experience life-changing results.

    Here’s just a few of the commission boosting affiliate tools we offer:

    * High converting email swipes

    * High-converting presell articles

    * Alternative landing pages

    * Banners

    * Social media images

    * Powerful hooks and angles for crafting your own

    * Buyer demographics and details

    * Marketing Keywords

    * Affiliate success newsletter

    * Access to an exclusive Facebook group

    * Traffic experiments you can model for your own promotions

    We’ll also continue to release new affiliate tools, creatives, and tutorials to give you everything you need. So whether you have an email list, blog, Youtube channel, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook group, etc... we’ve got you covered!

    If we don’t have the affiliate tools you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll create them for you!

    Here’s What People Are Saying:

    "I've been sending offers for women's products for over 10 years and this is the closest thing to FREE money that exists!”

    -Bob Grant


    “Wow, HSO has been the highest converting affiliate offer that we've promoted to our women's dating/relationships lists in the last 2 years! Upsells are taken up very highly also. EPCs are over $1.50 which is phenomenal these days.

    Highly recommended!”

    - Mark Ling


    “His secret obsession is one of the highest converting females offers I've mailed to my list. I saw a very consistent 7% conversion rate including a crazy high upsell uptake of almost 60%. This has to be the very elite offers in terms of conversions that I've promoted in the recent past. If you like money, you've got to promote this.”

    - Sunny Arora


    "Guys, I did an early offer of [His Secret Obsession] as well and happy to say that it did over 1.59 EPC to my list... Upsells were fantastic at 78% of initial sales.

    Highly recommended!"

    - Carlos Xuma


    Earnings*: ca. $45.29**
    Price: average $67.27 Commission: 90% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $45.29 net Earnings/Cart visitor**: $6.53 Vendor: hissecret Created: 37 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment Sales rank: 1 in Dating, Love and Relationshipshelp Cart conversion**: 21.0% Cancellation rate**: 17.0%

    Make Him Worship You - Women's Relationship Monster
    *Net per sale

    Say Hello To "Make Him Worship You". . . The Astonishing Women’s Relationship Offer That Is Making Our Exclusive Group Of Affiliates Disgustingly Rich

    Content And VSL Created By Legendary Copywriter Chris "Mr. Moneyfingers" Haddad (Also known as relationship expert Michael Fiore.) Affiliates Seeing 3% - 6% front end conversions and EPC’s ranging from $1.50 to $5.00 per click. 


    By far THE BEST thing we promoted this year! Seeing the copy and design I knew it would do good (who are we kidding it is Chris Haddad after all), but I had no idea it would be such a KILLER! I’m recommending this to anyone with any female traffic.

    Conversions are between 3-6% (depending on our traffic quality) and EPCs are crushing it (great upsell take-rate too!)…
    But the best part? No complaints! We’ve never seen a record-low refund rate on such a high-converting offer. Almost never happens, so it’s obviously a good product! We are adding this to our follow-up sequence ASAP.
    Chris & Team… Congrats & THANKS for creating yet another winner!
    – Stefan Gajic, TaurusManSecrets.com

    “The Best I’ve Promoted In A Very Long Time – You Don’t Even Have To Try Hard!”

    “Having been around for a little over 6years now as a super affiliate, I can confidently tell you that Make Him Worship You by Michael Fiore is a Monster + a Beast, the best I have promoted in a very very long time. You don’t even need to try hard, I did over $13K with an old list. MHWY now accounts for 62% of my weekly income.. that how awesome and huge this product is.“

    Typically, products that converts so easily end up having high refund but this is so different. my refunds rate are freaky low allowing me to get most of my cash. If you really want moola, I mean money.. then promote this product NOW!!!”
    – James Idayi (Super Affiliate)

    Hey, it’s Chris "Mr. Moneyfingers" Haddad…

    And I’m really glad you’re here.

    See, I seriously considered not doing this at all…

    And by this I mean listing my new "Make Him Worship You" offer on the market for the wide world of greedy and salivating affiliates to see…

    I thought about keeping this new "Monstrous Unicorn" of an offer as a legend and a secret… a downright-mythical beast sucking sales out of the darkest corners of the internet and converting cold traffic, warm traffic and even decidedly-tepid traffic into delicious and well-cooked customers for me and my friends to feast on all alone.

    But then I figured, why be so greedy? And then I figured again… and this time I figured maybe I’m not being greedy enough at all.

    I mean, yes, my own company is making 400 - 700 sales per day all by our lonesome through our own cold traffic efforts…

    And yes, some of my "friends and family" affiliates have been doing backflips of cash-fueled joy at the commissions slamming into their accounts like some kind of benevolent wealth-creating linebacker…

    But the fact of the matter is when you have an offer like this… a "four quadrant" offer that appeals to older women, younger women, "taken" women and single women…

    When you have an offer that converts so astonishingly, beautifully, disgustingly well…

    When you have an offer that’s completely and utterly clean so you can promote it pretty much anywhere…

    When you have an offer that has the potential to shake the very foundations of Clickbank and make the grinding gears of that great affiliate-paying machine cough and sputter from the sheer mass of money being spat into the pockets of the lucky, lucky few…

    Well, then it’s downright foolish to try to keep it to yourself. Especially when there are so many traffic sources I could never cover by myself. It’s a big internet out there, and no matter how big your mouth may be it still can’t take all the water from the firehose (weird simile, Haddad. Weird. You weird, weird weirdo.)

    So get in there and take a bite out of this particularly delicious cash-encrusted pie!

    Earnings*: ca. $28.54**
    Price: average $56.23 Commission: 75% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $28.54 net Earnings/Cart visitor**: $3.62 Vendor: digitalromance Created: one year ago Billing types: Single payment Sales rank: 2 in Dating, Love and Relationshipshelp Cart conversion**: 17.0% Cancellation rate**: 13.3%

    Dating Coach Certification
    *Net per sale

    Introducing for the first ever certification course that gives someone the skills and knowledge to become a successful dating coach in 12 weeks. As an affiliate, you will earn 50% commission of the font end of a high-ticket program. We are open to new students and give you a proven funnel to send your leads through. This product is for both men and women. The coaches who started it all have been on top of the dating world for decades... Adam Lyons and Adam Gilad will serve your leads right and give you the reward you deserve.

    Earnings*: ca. $1,525.02**
    Price: ca. $3,232.00 Commission: 50% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $1,525.02 net Vendor: tidri_org Created: 31 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment, Installment

    How to talk to the woman of your dreams
    *Net per sale

    First of all I would like to congratulate you on the purchase of this eBook. You
    are about to make changes to your life as a single or as such, to your (love-)
    life. The fact that you have bought this eBook shows that you are not satisfied
    with the way things are, but want to find a successful way to make a change.
    You are fed up with seeing the numerous beautiful and interesting dream
    women go by without being able to make contact with them. You are fed up
    with sitting at home and waiting for the time when your dream woman will
    knock on your door to speak with you. With the purchase of this eBook you
    have made the first step in making exciting contact with women of your
    choice. Believe me, if you follow the instructions in this book, in a short time,
    your life will change completely.
    This eBook is not a typical macho flirting-tips handbook full of worn-out oneliners.
    The following pages will primarily teach you effective methods with
    which you can overcome your inhibitions and approach attractive women.
    Because, most men do not fail because of a lack of things to say but because
    they just don’t have the confidence in the first place to speak to attractive
    women. With this in mind you will find general tips and directions for a first
    contact in the last chapter of this book. Here you will learn how to prepare
    yourself optimally for your first contact with your dream woman.

    When you have carefully worked through this eBook, you will be ready —
    anywhere and anytime — to approach your dream woman without constraint or
    Amongst other things, in this eBook you will learn:
    * how simple it can be, to be released from loneliness and to make numerous
    contacts to interesting women,
    * why you are still solo, and why up until now have simply not managed to
    make contact with an interesting and attractive woman,
    * to use techniques and strategies to speak to dream women everywhere and
    anytime, and much more.
    Allow yourself some time to read this book through, carefully and without
    distraction. You will see, it is worth it.
    This eBook is directed primarily towards men and so it has been written in the
    male form. I beg the pardon of all female readers. Naturally (dream-) women
    can profit from these tips too.
    S. Lougani

    Earnings*: ca. $15.63**
    Price: ca. $35.21 Commission: 50% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $15.63 net Vendor: teletok Created: two years ago Billing types: Single payment

    Love and Money in the couple relationship
    *Net per sale

    Strengthen the relationship through a good approach to money – Course 3 of the series Relationship Skills.

    According to scientists, the topic of money is one of the most significant points of conflict in couples. But how are money and love connected, and what influence does one have on the other? How can we talk about money without damaging love? Why does „cold“ money destroy a relationship? How does understanding about this delicate subject strengthen the love of couples? Michael Mary provides insights and suggestions on how each couple can recognise the role money plays in their relationship and gives concrete suggestions on how the couple can decide how to deal with it. So that the relationship „rules“ over money – and not money over the relationship.

    Earnings*: ca. $5.91**
    Price: ca. $14.09 Commission: 50% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $5.91 net Vendor: nordholtverlag Created: five weeks ago Billing types: Single payment
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