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    Take part in Tim Zimmermann's affiliate program. Many coaches talk about finding sponsors. But Tim Zmmermann already proved that his way of finding sponsors works. Now you can be part of his succesful strategy. 
    "We all have one topic concerning our sport beside being succesful. How can I finance it? I know what I’m talking about. I finance myself for six years with my own company and made it from karting - via Formula Masters, Formula 4 and TCR - to the Porsche Carrera Cup.
    Sponsors are unavoidable and the search for sponsors can be pretty hard and difficult. But meanwhile I found a way which makes my search for sponsors quite easier. And it’s just about changing your focus and to search for sponsors in a different way.
    How this way looks exactly is shown in my new six-part video course."
    Earnings*: Around $9.93**
    Price: Around $97.86 Commission: 50% Earnings/Sale**: Around $9.93 net Vendor: TimZimmermann Created: four years ago Billing types: Single payment
1 Result
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