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  • Bring your film in every CINEMA (video course)
    *Net per sale

    Get 80.56 € Provison!
    Per sale you get 50% commission!

    Product description:
    Learn to bring your own movie to every CINEMA in the world!

    With the unique video course by Sebastian Leitner, you can create your own DCP (digital cinema package), check it 100% play safe and clone as often as you want.

    Short - you can after the successful graduation:

    Understand DCP
    Create your own DCP
    Clone DCP
    Everything with free software!

    BONUS: (What you also learn)

    Set your screen correctly
    Understand the CINEMA color space
    Set up KINO sound

    You have access to the payment at any time and lifelong access.

    So you can also use the video course at 3 o'clock at night!

    If you are not 120% satisfied, just write me a personal e-mail!

    We wish you lots of success with your CINEMAMOVIE!

    Your DCP Workshop Team

    Sebastian Leitner & Sven Sulik

    Earnings*: ca. $46.60**
    Price: ca. $349.77 Commission: 50% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $46.60 net Vendor: cinema-mastering Created: one year ago Billing types: Single payment
6 Results
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