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  • Viral Cash Application
    *Net per sale

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    Earnings*: Around $6.98**
    Price: Around $49.53 Commission: 50% Earnings/Sale**: Around $6.98 net Vendor: vcashapp Created: 48 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment
593 Results
** These values strongly depend on the quality of the traffic. They are NOT an estimate of your potential income.

Not enough data for an accurate value.

Popularity is a key figure that is made up of the following parameters:

  • Total revenue
  • Number of active affiliates
  • Cancellation¬≠ rate
  • Quality of the affiliate support page
If these individual values improve, the popularity will also increase.

The rating:

0-2 stars: Room for improvement

2.5-3 stars: Fairly popular

3-4 stars: Very popular

4.5-5 stars: Extremely popular