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  • 28 Days To Manifesting The High Vibrational Life You Desire!
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    One Month Of Creating Your Law Of Attraction Routine

    Have you ever wondered how so many people can use the Law Of Attraction to manifest anything they want so easily? Yet found yourself struggling to make it work for you consistently? 

    It doesn’t have to be so hard to attract that positive feeling within. This is your lifeline! With this course the success you desire will come so much easier. You’ll get coaching and daily emails letting you know that day’s lesson is available. 

    So come learn the frequency of successful living with people just like you!

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    Slot Machine System
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    Slot Machine System - #1 New Offer On Digistore
    From The Creators Of Multiple #1 7 Figure Offers On Clickbank. Get Back On The Gravy Train And Promote The #1 Making Money Offer Ever Created. Huge Frontend And Backend Commissions. Get All The Aff Tools

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    Diabetes Diet Coaching +App
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    60 minute whiteboard animation video that explains what diabetes is, what my 4 step diet is, how this diet works, and what exactly you need to do. With my formula you can calculate the 4 diet steps depending on your current food intake. During the diet ideally the doctor can reduce the pharmaceutical medication step by step and stop treatment by medication completely.

    TYPE: Download Product / Coaching Video

    LANGUAGE: English

    FORMAT: mp4

    +Free Bonus APP (for easy diet implementation)

    I want to make this coaching to the best coaching for type 2 diabetes, so I develop an App to make the implementation of the diet as easy as possible. The App does all the calculation & nutrition counting for you.

    Earnings*: ca. $16.31**
    Price: ca. $50.11 Commission: 70% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $16.31 net Vendor: MFVMedia Created: one year ago Billing types: Single payment

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    50% Commission


    The latest Hashtag Growth Hacks in a bundle with a prepared Excel list, to start right away.



    Deep-Dive into Mastering Instagram Hashtags

    Instagram hashtags are the key for engagement, visibility and reach. They categorize posts under a complex system. To grow your account you have to understand and manage hashtags correctly to get your widest possible reach.

    In this eBook I´m going to show you how hashtags on Instagram are working, and how to manage them to get the full potential out of it for your goals.

    Secrets no one is talking about, secrets used by the successful accounts.

    Step-by-Step Guide: 20 pages incl. Hashtags Master List (online Excel Spreadsheet)

    Language eBook: English


    Your Benefits:

    1. 50% commission 
    2. A great bundle with all important hacks
    3. 20% commission for Upsell Product
    4. wide target group (easy step-by-step guide)
    5. insights from an expert (my IG Account has 16K real followers)
    6. regular updates during Instagram changes
    7. my admiration ;)


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    DigiMember - WP Membership Plugin
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    Join the DigiMember® affiliate program and start earning money for every sale.

    Simply click on the "promote now" button, copy your link and send them out or place it on your website.

    You'll be paid 25% on all payments (monthly and yearly).

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128 Results
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