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  • Feminine Frequency
    *Net per sale

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    Evergreen - our product helps your customers build new empowering beliefs around money. It was created by a certified hypnotherapist and professionaly mixed.

    Author name: Alexis Watts
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    Commission Plan

    Front End: Feminine Frequency $27 (75%)

    Upsell 1: Advanced Meditation Bundle $37 (50%)

    Upsell 2: Wealth Accelerator Subliminal Videos $37 (50%)

    Upsell 3: Unlimited Success Subliminal Software $37 (50%)

    Earnings*: Around $16.11**
    Price: Around $28.63 Commission: 75% Earnings/Sale**: Around $16.11 net Vendor: freedomrh Created: one year ago Billing types: Single payment
1 Result
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