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  • Keto Advantage
    *Net per sale

    Guaranteed 75% commission off the front end + 25% on the back end! With the occasional competition in which we will boost the commission to our top performing affiliates.

    Low refunds, low chargebacks and exciting NEW Offer waiting to blow sales through the roof!

    Our funnel is complete with a main offer and 3 upsells behind it to maximize AOV! Meaning more money in your pockets. 
    The funnel consists of our star Keto product followed by a colon cleanse, bain support and finally a sleep support product. 

    If you have any questions regarding payouts, funnel, creatives and etc. feel free to send us an email at info@vitaminsforhealth.net

    Earnings*: Around $84.68**
    Price: Around $132.56 Commission: 75% Earnings/Sale**: Around $84.68 net Vendor: vitamins4health Created: one year ago Billing types: Single payment, Subscription
1 Result
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