FAQ for Buyers
Frequently asked questions
  • 1. What is Digistore24?
    Digistore24 acts between product manufacturers (vendors), sales partners (affiliates) and customers as an online marketplace, seller and point of contact for all products sold through our platform.
    We offer product manufacturers the right platform to work together with sales partners, which means they do not have to worry about sales processing when selling products.
    All product-related settings are adjusted by product manufacturers in our system. This way, the Digistore24 support team can answer most customer questions directly.
    We always work according to the latest legal regulations and update the system when changes occur.
    By adopting this thorough approach, Digistore24 has gained the trust of customers, product vendors and payment service providers and has worked successfully with PayPal, credit card companies and banks for several years. This enables us to offer you all common payment methods as well as flexible payment models.
  • 2. When should I contact Digistore24 and when should I contact the product manufacturer directly?
    When to contact Digistore24:
    For all questions relating to your payments, invoices, cancelations and revocations.
    When to contact the product manufacturer:
    For all questions relating to the product, the shipping of the product or access to the product.
  • 3. Where can I find the access link to my digital product?
    You will automatically receive an email with your access data as soon as we have successfully received your payment. Click on the link that we sent you and then press the button “Access purchase”.
    If you still have problems accessing your product, please contact the product manufacturer.
  • 4. I haven’t received an access link!
    If your spam folder is empty and three working days have passed since the payment was successfully received, please contact our support: support@digistore24.com
    Please send us a copy of your payment so that we can process your request as quickly as possible.
  • 5. Where can I find my invoices?
    An invoice is automatically generated after a successful payment. If you have purchased a product with the payment option “advance payment”, a provisional pro forma invoice will be generated. Once the payment has been received, this pro forma invoice automatically becomes a regular invoice.
    You have access to your invoice as well as to all ongoing invoices for subscriptions or installment payments in your Digistore24 order confirmation email. There you will find a link to your order.
    You can also enter your order details using the following link and view your order and invoice:
  • 6. How do I correct one of my invoices?
    In an invoice that has already been issued, you can only change the name, address and email. The Digistore24 support team will be happy to assist you. Please contact us with your order or invoice number by email: support@digistore24.com
    In case of a voucher code that has not billed, the following rule applies:
    If an order has already been placed, we cannot adjust the price afterwards as the booking has already been made. Please contact the product manufacturer if you have any further questions.
  • 7. Statutory taxation across the EU
    The law stipulates that the VAT on the digital product you purchase is paid to the country in which the purchase was made. In other words, what counts is not where you live or are registered, but rather where the service was provided. In the case of digital products, this is usually where you were when you bought the product.
  • 8. Statutory taxation for seminars
    In the case of seminars, the tax rate of the country in which the seminar takes place shall apply. When calculating VAT, the crucial factor is not where you live or are registered, but rather the country in which the seminar takes place.
    For example, if you are in Germany and book a seminar taking place in Austria, the Austrian VAT rate shall apply. The VAT is calculated for the country in which the service is performed.
  • 9. Purchases as a commercial buyer and what to keep in mind
    It goes without saying that you can make purchases on Digistore24 as a corporate customer. To ensure that a proper invoice can be issued with your company details, please make sure you enter the company name that is registered with the tax office when entering your company VAT ID. In the order form you will find a grey box above the entry fields with the wording “As entrepreneur”. Once you’ve activated this, further fields will open in which you can add your details. A purchase without VAT can only be made if both fields correspond to the details you used to register at the tax office.
    You can check your details using the following link:
    If you are a Swiss customer, you can check your details here:
    If we cannot establish a perfect connection to the tax office servers, it will not be possible to make a purchase without VAT until a later date.
    If the final amount does not change despite correct entry of your data, please contact the product manufacturer.
  • 10. Taxation for customers from Switzerland
    The current VAT rate in Switzerland is 7.7%. This is usually calculated automatically by our system when an order is made. Exceptions to this only occur if the service is not provided in Switzerland (see Statutory taxation across the EU).
  • 11. What is an upgrade/downgrade and who carries it out?
    Product manufacturers often offer different versions of the same product. A downgrade is a change to a lower priced category and an upgrade is a change to a higher priced category.
    The change is carried out exclusively by the product manufacturer. If you have any questions, please contact the product manufacturer directly.
  • 12. How do I change my payment plan to monthly/yearly?
    The product manufacturer is directly responsible for changes to the payment plan, such as changes to the debit interval, since this must be approved by the provider. Please contact the product manufacturer’s customer support team.
  • 13. Information about shipping/order returns
    The product manufacturer is directly responsible for information regarding the shipping of the product, since they themselves ship the product. If you have cancelled a product and wish to return it or require a return delivery note, please contact the product manufacturer directly.
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