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The King of Shirts - Tills Life in the Garment Industry

Till Freyer, a Hamburg – Germany graduate of International Business, landed in Hong Kong in 1959. The first textile and garment factories were set up in this British Colony at that time by former entrepreneurs from Shanghai. It became the world’s sewing centre for garments exporting its products all over the world during the 1960’s to early 1980’s. This industry spread out from there to countries all over Asia being the main supply source today for all major retail organizations.

Till started and managed the export department of one of the major British trading companies in Hong Kong for five years. He then joined Germany’s biggest textile & garment importer in 1965 to open their Buying Office in the colony, followed by such organizations in Taiwan and South Korea. He started his own Sourcing Agency in 1972 handling the buying of several European major wholesale and retail companies. He had become totally familiar with all aspects and procedures of exporting garments.

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