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List of 500 Potential Reviewers for Your Book

You will get a list of 500 potential reviewers that are likely to have an interest in your book. You will receive the list within 2 - 3 days via E-Mail.


You need to provide similar books with a combined total of 35,000 reviews.

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List of Similar Books

We use the list of similar books you provide as base for searching for reviewers. Please provide a list of similar books, one book per line.

You can specify a book either by its ISBN or by providing a link to the book.

You don't necessarily need to provide a large number of similar books. In case the books provided by you are not sufficient for finding enough potential reviewers, we will extend the book list by searching for more similar books ourselves.

You can tell us the name of your book (or a link to it) so we can make sure that we will only select additional books that match the topic of yours. This is optional, you don't need to disclose your book.

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