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Affiliate Toolkit Standard

The following functions are included in the package:

- including updates for 1 year
- support via e-mail
- limited to one domain

... and the complete range of functions of our plugin!

You are entitled to our 30-day return policy.

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€ 39.99
€ 39.99
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Simon sagt
Simon says:

Handling and usage is very easy and the plugin offers everything you need for decent price comparison. However, I am still missing some functions and the documentation could be improved but therefore the support is outstanding and reacts almost immediate when you have questions and concerns.

Simon sagt
Robin says:

The Affiliate Toolkit is the best and most flexible WordPress plugin available to affiliate marketer. I have already tried several plugins and immediately recognized that this plugin has everything I need. High degree of customizability, the tremendous number of networks and the impressing range of functions make this plugin the cream puff of every affiliate project.

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