Fundraising Masterclass

Hi, Flo Kandler here. I hope to see you on the inside of Fundraising Masterclass soon. Just a quick note: this is the safe payment page, hosted by German high-security company Digistore24. I use this platform, because it is the safest and most reliable page for both me and you. You get a clean invoice, all VAT is handled, and everything works super fast. If you have any questions, email me.


Join the Fundraising Masterclass
for only €297,- + VAT


You get access to: 

1) 50 tutorial videos, guiding you step-by-step to prepare and execute a professional fundraise

2) Checklists, How-to-guides

3) 1:1 Q&A support from me via WhatsApp any time


You get knowledge that equals to about 20 hours of 1:1 coaching sessions with me.

That is a Value of: 20 hrs x €197 = € 3.940

You can get access to that knowledge for only € 297 + VAT.


And: you can watch and re-watch the content as often as you like. One big advantage of having me "in a box", available any time ;-)


Fundraising topics we cover: 

The Fundraising Masterclass platform contains 50 videos, plus checklists and guides - covering the complete step-by-step process of fundraising:

Section 1: Understand How Venture Deals Work

  • Pros/cons of VC, Angels, Crops, Incubators, Grants, FFF
  • The math of venture investing - how Investors calculate
  • Manage your ownership structure across investment rounds
  • Convertible Notes vs. Priced Rounds
  • What value you can get from "Smart Money" investors

Section 2: Valuation & How Much Money To Raise

  • Understand your current phase & next milestones
  • What progress you should focus on in your current phase
  • What is the valuation of your startup How much money you could & should raise right now
  • How you plan your fundraising timeline & strategy

Section 3: Your Fundraising Material

  • Your One-Liner to pitch your idea in one sentence
  • Your Teaser, to raise interest in a short email
  • Your Executive Summary, to get you in the door
  • Your Pitch Deck variations for the right situations
  • Other material that will help you get investor meetings
  • The most effective hacks & tricks for your material

Section 4: Contacting & Meeting Investors

  • The best ways to contact investors
  • How to cold-contact investors like a pro
  • How to get the powerful introductions to investors
  • How to build relationships before you need money
  • Which investors you should NOT contact
  • How to get several investors interested simultaneously
  • How to prepare for the first meeting
  • Your strategy & goal for the first meeting
  • What to do after your first meeting with an investor

Section 5: Closing The Deal

  • Understanding a Term Sheet
  • The most important pieces of your contracts
  • Negotiation tactics to get the deal you want
  • Do's and Dont's during negotiations


Join this exclusive group of founders who want to take their fundraising game to the next level. See you on the inside!


Sincerely yours, Flo Kandler

PS: Keep up that startup spirit

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