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ebook_There is a whole person attached to every

E-book "There is a whole person attached to every tooth" now at the market launch for 35,42 € (+MwSt). 

With his first book the dentist and naturopathic practitioner Dr. Dirk Schreckenbach gives his information to patients and colleagues who want to gain a first insight into holistic dentistry.

It is deliberately written in a simple language that is understandable to the layman and explains the effects of diseased teeth on human health organs and psyche. The reverse connections the consequences of a physical or mental and spiritual problem for the teeth are also described in the same way.

  • This book aims to give an insight into the holistic approach and to show how the connections between teeth and the rest of the human organ system.
  • This book aims to give the reader an introduction to the networked way of thinking of naturopathic treatments.
  • This book aims to create an understanding of the great connections between teeth and the entire organism.
  • This book aims to sensitize the reader to the handling of himself and his teeth.
  • This book aims to shed light on the holistic interrelationships and the resulting consequences.
  • This book wants to help make decisions.
  • This book is intended to help you understand your therapist as a partner.
  • This book wants to be your companion.                                                                                          Read what customers who bought this book write:

"Very fast delivery I now have both books by Dr. Schreckenbach and I am especially grateful as a person affected. Wonderful books absolutely recommendable."

"A highly experienced book on the holistic interrelationships of teeth and their effects on the entire body and its organs. It's just a pity that these experienced holistic dentists don't exist in all German cities."   

E-book "There is a whole person attached to every tooth" now at the market launch for 35,42 € (+MwSt). 

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