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ebook_Tooth Whispering-The teeth, image mirror of your soul

Ebook "Tooth Whispering - The Teeth, Mirror Image of Your Soul" the BRAND NEW fourth edition for 16,70 € (+VAT)

Your advantages:

  • Why it is a fact that the oral cavity and the teeth and the gums are connected with all the organs, just after fertilization of the female egg?
  • You will learn how the teeth of your young children can tell you if your child is ready to be trained in school.
  • Learn how an emotional stress can be transmitted to the teeth.
  • You will able to find out if somebody who wants to work for you is in the right position of your business or company. 
  • Learn how energetic stress can cause periodontal diseases.
  • Understand why your teeth are always a reflection of your soul and why they can lead a healthier and happier life with the right dental prophylaxis.
  • What can cause the removal of healthy teeth in children who are supposed to get braces.


Ebook "Tooth Whispering - The Teeth, Image Mirror of Your Soul" the BRAND NEW fourth edition for 16,70 € (+VAT)

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