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Chris and Ruth Preset - English

for Lightroom and ACR!

We hereby confide our “One and Only“ preset to you. This is the CxR Preset, to which we owe our beautiful colors and consistent look. We’ve been using this preset on every single picture you might know from us, since the last three years. It took us a long time to develop this weapon. 

It is an absolute All-Round talent and works in any lighting situation. That’s probably the reason why we love it so much. We do not sell a preset package but simply just the “Heart“ of our editing. The CxR Basic Preset!

To make editing even easier, there are 4 more variations of the Basic Preset included. These modifications are situational for the different lighting situations you have to deal with. (flash, artificial light, afterlight, tropical locations)

Why should we sell a whole preset pack, if we use only one preset? And why should we sell a b/w preset if we barely post b/w pictures ourselves? All this led us to the decision, to just offer the one and only CxR Preset which embodies our work to the fullest.

Have fun!

By purchasing the CxR preset, you will gain access to a free tutorial in our member area, in which we will briefly show you how to use our presets.

Use #cxrpreset for your chance to get featured!! We will share our favorite photos of yours (edited with CxR presets) in our Insta-Stories regularly! 

After the purchase you will receive your login and download info via mail! Find your preset and the editing tutorial in our member area where you can log in easily.

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