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The Low-Carb High-Quality Guide

After the purchase you can immediately download The Low-Carb High-Quality Guide as an e-book. (.pdf)

You Get:

Over 300 pages of low-carb power in an ebook.

Over 150 delicious low-carb recipes divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

You'll learn how to create delicious low-carb dishes but also get comprehensive recipes, including nutritional values. If necessary, you can print out and collect all the recipes or view the recipes conveniently on your PC, tablet and smartphone.

Four weeks low-carb nutrition plan

You'll receive a success-tested nutrition plan for 4 complete weeks to help achieving your goals.

Basic equipment & shopping lists for your low-carb entry

You'll get an overview of the most important low-carb foods and what alternatives exists to conventional high-carb products. Only buy what you really need thanks to our templates. Avoid the psychological tricks of supermarkets that seduce you to buy!

Various checklists and diaries

The Low-Carb High-Quality Guide contains a variety of checklists, so you can verify your success. Print your own diary and record your wishes and goals. Motivate yourself with before / after pictures and achievements.

NO SUBSCRIPTION! You get instant access to the product.

Some thoughts from our readers of The Low-Carb High-Quality Guide


Hello, my dears :)I would like to submit a résumé to as there is the possibility to get this e-book ...

I have read it completely in the last few days and I've been surprised! It's naturally possible to buy 50 low-carb books etc. but the question is whether one is able to find the perfectly described things inside of them like in the e-book of Andreas Meyhöfer. It includes over 300 pages :D Fully packed with the best recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

The very complex topic of low-carb is explained and described in such a way that everyone can grasp it. :)

One thing I really like and often see plenty of people asking about is: "How does your week look like, what are you going to cook", but the solution is…

A 4-week program with 3 meals and a snack per day is included- WOW!!!

Diaries and much, much more.

I'm more than just impressed. One opens the e-book and immediately sees how much EFFORT and TIME was invested to make it. Thus, I can recommend it with a good conscience to everyone :)

Liese Lotte:

I have to thank you very much. With your help and recipes, I finally lost weight! Without missing something or suffering under ravenous hunger attacks your recipes are filling and absolutely great. [...] I didn't felt this good for years, thank you thank you thank you :D :)


I bought the e-book 2 weeks ago. My husband and I are absolutely enthusiastic about what you've achieved with your work! We try something new every day and are always happy with the result. This is how low-carb should be!


My dears, I'm impressed! I just downloaded the e-book and can't stand the anticipation to cook your recipes. Congratulations!!

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The Low-Carb High-Quality Guide

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