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The Bitcoin Family Crypto Course


We will take you by the hand

A lot of people fear the cypto world . It is new. It will change the world. Become an early adaptor and benefit from my experience and knowledge. We will teach you in our video course how to get started with crypto, how to make money with day trading and give you a lookout to the future of the crypto world. Join me now.


And all that is included

Starting today with the crypto course will teach you:

  • what Crypto coins are
  • what the Blockchain is
  • why it will change our monetary system
  • how to set up an account
  • how to buy your firsy crypto coins
  • how to transfer between wallets
  • how to redeem crypto back into Euro or USD
  • the skills of day trading
  • placing buy and sell orders
  • working with stop losses
  • setting up automatic sell orders
  • paying with crypto in daily life
  • how to keep your crypto safe
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