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From Lisbon to Vladivostok - A manual for your own roadtrip

In the summer of 2017, Jana and Dima drove with their car Kolya halfway around the world. 26.000 kilometres from Lisbon to Vladivostok - from the Atlantic coast of Portugal to the Pacific coast of Russia.

The further East you drive, the more difficult it is to find help on the Internet in German or English. Already in advance, they have collected plenty of information from countless websites and spent many hours researching the WWW. Where does it make sense to cross the border, where do you exchange money at the best rate and which car papers do you need? Most travel guides for the countries of the former Soviet Union are not made for self-drivers. In addition, you learn most of the things already when you are in the thick of the mess. Many hints can also be found on Russian websites, which unfortunately are not understandable for everyone. To help jump-start your big adventure, they've put together all their research results, tips, hints and general useful information in this ebook. Hours of research combined in one book. There is currently no comparable manual on the market for self-drivers and campers who are looking for adventures in the Far-East. Furthermore, the two share information on visa procurement, costs of travel, equipment and of course their recommendations and highlights along their route.

With this ebook they want to motivate you to dare something similar, because travelling connects cultures, opens up your mind and makes you happy.

Three versions are available in the download folder: EPUB, MOBI, PDF. 

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