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Amrita - Visualization and Deep Relaxation


This visualization and deep relaxation exercise trains your awareness in three different states of consciousness: waking, dreaming and deep sleep.

Gently you are guided from physical waking state consciousness into the pranic body and deeper into the dream state, where you first visualize static images of highly symbolic objects related to my novel Amrita (Die Meisterschülerin), followed by a dynamic movie-like visualization, which connects you to the non-dualistic Self. This leads to an experience of no-images corresponding to the state of deep sleep.

Awareness is awake and shining brightly within the three different states of consciousness, which we experience every night naturally. This awareness is also called turiya, the fourth state, present within all other three and yet different from them. For this reason, this practice may also be called turiya upaya. Upa meaning near, and ayagatam that, which takes us. This visualization and deep relaxation practice is like a vehicle that can take you to the goal of turiya, full awareness. Like any vehicle, a bus or a train, it is just a means; we have to leave it, get off in the end to reach the goal. But for the duration of the journey, it has taken us far, closer and closer to our destination…


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Practice time: You can practice daily, best after lunch, instead of taking a nap, or in the evening, before sleep. The practice is about 20 minutes long.

Practice form: Like any deep relaxation this turiya upaya is best done lying on the back on the floor with a mat or a blanket underneath and a light cover to prevent the body from cooling down. You do not need a cushion, unless your health requires the use. If you are insecure about the position, please search for shavasana and see how it is done.



Do not practice with any form of pychosis, border-line syndrome or epilepsy. If you are working with a psychologist or psychotherapist, please inquire if practicing deep relaxation exercises suits your therapy and health before commencing the practice. When you are pregnant, please ask your attending physician.

Be aware of your personal limitations and practice with self-care and care for others in a responsible way, especially not in road traffic, when driving a car or operating a machine that needs your whole attention.

Do not practice more than once a day.

Please, stop the practice immediately if you you feel inner pressure, stress, anxiety or any other symptom of mental or emotional imbalance. Contact a qualified therapist for assessment and advice.


This practice is spiritual in nature and intended to raise awareness for sencere seekers and aspirants, who practice at their own responsibility. It is not intended to offer, or replace qualified medical or health related advice or treatment. The author accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or damage in any shape or form incurred in part or in whole, as a direct or indirect result of use or reliance upon the information and material presented here.



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