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Learning SAS Programming - Level 1



MODULE 1 - INTRODUCTION - SAS Institute Inc. and its SAS® System - Discover SAS® Studio - Introduction to the SAS Programming Language Jargon - Explore your First Program

MODULE 2 - METADATA AND OTHER KEY CONCEPTS - Overview of Methods for Creating a Dataset and a View - Table and Variable Attributes, and Naming Conventions - Titles and Footers - Some IT Background

MODULE 3 - DATA MANIPULATION - SAS Date, SAS Time and SAS Datetime - A Series of SAS Functions - Select Data in a Dataset - Sort the Data with proc sort - Create a Counter with retain and Temporary Variables

MODULE 4 - CREATE ONE DATASET USING SEVERAL ONES - Append Several Datasets - Merge Several Datasets

MODULE 5 - STATISTICS AND GRAPHICS - The procedure proc means - Some Basics of Descriptive Statistics - Create a Box-and-Whisker Plot



You must have your own SAS® license.

No SAS programming knowledge is required. We work on all the fundamentals to allow you to follow the entire training.


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