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Dog toy


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Even if you are not skilled, everything is ready within 15 minutes and your dog can already start to explore his new toy. You're gonna make it. It's easy to know how it works. This great building instruction will help you to recreate this great dog toy. The building instruction consists of pictures, so that nothing can go wrong at all.


If you would like to build this great dog toy for your dog and consider whether it is suitable for him, we can assure you that every dog will enjoy it. It doesn't matter what race it is. It doesn't matter if your dog is very small, medium or very large. Dogs of all sizes have their fun with this dog toy, you will experience it when you have it assembled. Even older dogs, which are not quite as playful as very young dogs, will certainly deal with it. Just give it a try.


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Unter kommt ihr auf unsere Webseite .... Ich wünsche euch Viel Spaß mit dem Spielzeug und freue mich auf tolle Video's von euren Hunden, wie sie versuchen an ihr Futter zu kommen..... Gruß Tobi

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