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  • Learn how to gain control over your fitness & body.
  • Follow my specific Step-by-Step guide for 7 days.
  • Reset your body & mind within just 7 days to start a new healthy & fit lifestyle.


Excerpt from the eBook:

“I have written this specific 7-day plan to help you help yourself in the right direction. This is the exact plan I made for myself when I had to make the changes back in the day. If you really want to change parts of your life and become happier and healthier, then this is a good place to start. My 7-day plan is simple, gives food for thought and gives you specific topics that should be your area of focus every day. It is not a plan that turns your work and private life upside down – no, it helps you make easy, sensible decisions so you can be happy and pleased with yourself – even in a busy everyday life.

Being happy and in balance with yourself is not about living an extreme lifestyle but about finding some principles that you stick to. A principle could be to drink 2 liters of water every day – simply because your organs, your brain and you need it.

This plan gives you specific, easy to follow principles and ideas that you can make part of your every day life and soon you will see the differences they can make to your life in general and your body.

If you persist for the next 7 days, you have taken a big step in the right direction. When the 7 days are over you continue, week by week, to implement my pointers. They will soon become a habit. Trust me.

Remember, however, YOU have to make the change. You alone are the one who has to stick to this plan – for 7 days – learning along the way what works for you. Remember it’s only seven days, meaning that everything I advise you to do in this plan is necessary. If you skip one thing here and one thing there, you are already moving in the wrong direction. Don’t skip anything. Let this time be the time where you commit and manage to change. If I tell you to write something down ! Write it down! If I advise you to go for a 20-minute walk ! go for a 20-minute walk!

It’s seven day. Each day counts!”



  • Grocery shopping list with plenty of healthy alternatives.
  • Personal printable shopping list.
Control you thoughts - the key to success

Regardless of what goals and dreams we might have, there is one thing we all have in common before we can succeed:

• we need inner motivation

• we need mental strength

• we need self-discipline.

It is rare that we master all three factors perfectly, but all of them can be trained – just like you train anything else in life you want to be good at. It takes hard work to fulfill dreams, but success occurs when you work hard and keep going even though the road might get tough from time to time.

You need self-confidence and trust in your own abilities in order to succeed. Your mind has to be trained – exactly the same way that you can train your muscles, your language, or your voice – your thoughts can, and should, be trained as well.


Read, learn and use the 30 methods that Micha Østergaard contantly worked with while training for the Olympic Games using strategic thoughts to create success.

Implement the 10 pages of advice and methods to your daily life and the results will follow much sooner than you would expect.


Also included in this eBook:

- Printable 6 week affirmation planner.

- Printable personal affirmation sheet.


About the author:

Micha Østergaard is an Olympian who has been working with these specific methods throughout her active career, now teaching them to upcoming athletes, anybody who has a personal goal they wish to achieve or anyone looking to improve their self-confidence & start believing in their own abilities. 

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