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Conscious Evolution Summit Download Package

The complete Conscious Evolution Summit download package with speakers like: Barbara Marx Hubbard, Craig Hamilton, Little Grandmother, Justin Faerman, Terry Patten, Annette Kaiser, Loch Kelly, Mark Nepo, Miranda Macpherson and many more.

You will receive the following downloads:

♥ 30 Videos
♥ 30 Audios
♥ Bonus Material
- pdf from Annette Kaiser "A Dream Becomes True"
- pdf from Annette Kaiser "Where Are We Going"
- pdf from Mary Alice Arthur "Story Acitivist Practice"
- MP3 from Marlies Myoku "Descending into Presence"
- MP3 from Miranda Macpherson "May all beings dwell in    the heart"
- e-book from Lion Goodman "Clear your believes"
- pdf book excerpt from John de Ruiter "Intelligence of    Love"
- 10 % reduced price for the Emotional Detox          Bodywork Training in Dec. 2018 in Thailand with Mal    Weeraratne
- 30 minutes no cost sessions to the first 30 people who contact Beth Scanzani over the next 30 days
- 10 % voucher for one-on-one sessions with Puria

May it enrich your life and support your Conscious Evolution.

Much love,


P.S. You can purchase the summit download package without risc. If you are not satisfied you can give it back during 60 days.

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Caroline says:

The interviews I saw are all different and yet convey the same message. They challenge your perspective on life and show a path to consciousness. This is real practical advice on how to progress and open yourself up to become a more conscious being.

Tu says:

"Thank you, Puria, for offering to us a magical place to slow our journey, take some deeper breaths, allowing the nourishing insights of wise friends / teachers to sink into our consciousness for deeper healing, cleansing and clearing. Here, on this platform, we all have an opportunity to create inner movements and to embrace " not knowing and beingness " softly, tenderly, and with deep trust.

Shanti says:

what an amazing product to have in the comfort of my home. Whenever I want to reconnect to what really matters, is meaningful to me and nourishes my heart I can choose one of the interviews.

Livia Elans says:

I love this only summit as it supports us - humanity, in our process of developing and deepening unconditional love, evolutionary ascension and the rising of our frequency which is the base in shifting our consciousness and creating a more harmonic and supportive way of being abd living. Listening to all the experts sharing there story and knowledge is a beautiful way in finding a balanced and diverse opinion about this topic and how we can actively evolve with it and in it.

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