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Classic Mobile Collection

Give your photos an atmospheric, uniform and professional look! Picture editing on the phone should be quick and easy. Now there are our looks for your smartphone! All you need is the Lightroom Mobile App (available for free on the App Store). It's easy and no Adobe Cloud subscription required! The set includes a total of 10 new looks (9x color, 1x b / w) for your image editing on the phone. No matter if travel, food or lifestyle - you will find a suitable look for every photo. You can not use the presets in the Lightroom Desktop version, but only on the phone. The looks are atmospheric, warm and soft. Below you will find some examples! Of course, we have put a lot of emphasis on beautiful skin tones. We are very proud and sure you will love the colors as well. Immediately after your order, we will send you the looks via e-mail. Important! After the purchase, you must first download the files on the PC / MAC and then send the presets to your phone. The installation is easy and we send a video tutorial directly with. Happy editing!



  • 10 Presets for Lightroom Mobile
  • Installation Instructions
  • Video Tutorial in English & German


Why Mobile Presets?

We travel a lot and then take pictures most of the time with our mobile phones. Especially on the go, it often has to be fast and easy. Although we would like to edit our photos with our looks, but do not always go the detour via Lightroom on the desktop. So far, only photographers could use our presets on the phone, which had the Adobe Cloud subscription. Now we finally have a solution to the problem and EVERYONE using a smartphone can use our looks. 

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