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PotentialMasters® Membership PRO

Monthly membership fee of 97 € - renews automatically. Can be cancelled at any time !!


Your Members Services:

check  Exclusive Mentor Support Group 

on Facebook - including three-monthly, exclusive meetings for PotentialMasters® PRO Members PotentialMasters® TV 

 Free and exclusive access to all channels PotentialMasters® Events

free participation or attractive discounts Master of Potential Realization

Free participation in the weekly exercises including all video trainings on PotentialMasters® TV PotentialMasters® Retreats

to become a Master of Potential Realization on Tenerife - 20% discount PotentialMasters® Mentorings

for mental and strategic positioning - 20% discount


Digistore-Membership-RICHTIG.jpg PotentialMasters® Academy

20% discount on training fees (Option 2)


 PotentialMasters® Meditation

Free participation at the PotentialMasters® Events


 PotentialMasters® Vision

10% of your membership fee will be donated to finance the project of PotentialMasters Vision



Monthly membership fee of 97 €- renews automatically. Can be cancelled at any time !!


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EUR 97.00

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