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Magnetmotor Deluxe Package Edition 2019

Get now the Free Energy Deluxe Package 2019 including 42 hours of video collections and 148 eBooks and many more Free Energy Construction Guides worth over 597$!

Infinity SAV 1KW, Muammer Yildiz and Howard Johnson detailed 3D CAD models in deluxe version with extra 3D printer files

  • Video collections (31 videos with over 42 hours of video footage of the most popular Free Energy devices)
  • 148 eBooks with building instructions for magnetic motors (more than 16,190 pages in total)
  • Worldwide dealer list issue 2019, so you can also buy finished magnet motors!
  • Magnet Motor Video Construction Manuals
  • Solenoid motor complete package issue 2019
  • Extensive patent collections (489 patents) with over 5,140 original pages and explanations
  • 3D building instructions about magnet motors and QEG with 3D CAD drawings
  • Bedini SG, Tesla Generator and Tesla Coil Construction Manuals
  • Construction manuals for solar plants, wind power plants and more
  • Building instructions for HHO generators - How to convert any car into a water car!
  • Quantum Ernergy Generator Guide with bonus instructions and much more...

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