Power of Community Package 2019

Online Summit Download Package


For €78,50 you are getting the whole Online Summit plus extensive bonus material 


It includes permanent online access to the membership area with

immediate access to the whole package including the download option

all interviews are also available as audio files (mp3)

exclusive additional bonus-gifts & extras including:


  • Discount of $100 for Thomas Hübl and William Ury's Online Course 'Mediate & Mediate II: A Co-Lab to Transform Conflict'
  • Stephanie Mines' 'The Tara Approach Beginning Self-Care' package
  • Gaia Education's 'Teacher's Guide Design for Sustainability'
  • Gaia Education's 'Gaia Youth Activities Guide'
  • Exclusive video material from John Liu
  • Free access to 'The Economics of Happiness' film
  • The 'Economics of Happiness DIY workshop toolkit'
  • Participation in 'Big Picture Activism' webinar with Local Futures
  • Excerpt of Ethan's Soloviev's book 'Regenerative Enterprise - Optimizing for Multi-Capital Abundance'
  • Articles from Christian Felber and 'Economy for the Common Ground'
  • Quicktest for Companies from 'Economy for the Common Ground'
  • Article 'We are Wired to Raise Children in Community' from Frederic Laloux 
  • free ebook 'Terra Nova - Global Revolution and the Healing of Love' from Dieter Duhm
  • 40% discount on the book 'Defend Sacred' from Sabine Lichtenfels - published 1st March 2019
  • bonus interviews with Byron Katie, Vandana Shiva, Margarete Wheatly and Maainanne Knuth


We are offering the package for 78,50€.

Please choose the 50€ if you can't pay the higher price (fair use)! 

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