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Photobooth Microsite Plugin Subscription incl. all updates

Photobooth microsite plugin for Wordpress.

Please check out the example before you buy the subscripton.

Sample-PIN: ABC12345

Technical requirements:

  • BreezeBooth for Windows (DSLRRemotePro) or
  • BreezeBooth for IPad
  • DSLRBooth (in combination with Breeze HotfolderPrint)
  • Wordpress based website*
  • PHP 7.1+
  • enough free storage on your webspace to host the images

* If your main website is not made with Wordpress, it is possible to create a subdomain like and install Wordpress for this subdomain or you can use and run it as software as a service (without the SEO benefits for your website).

Feature overview:

  • 60 second fire & forget setup
    Download latest version
    Once the microsite is setup and configured, you never have to touch it again. No need to do "per event configurations" on your wordpress website.
  • Support for JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4 (with iOS download)
  • Open microsite with all images from an event (unprotected)
  • Closed galleries secured by an event-password
  • Closed galleries secured by a PhotoPIN {uid} for each indiviual photobooth-sequence
    GDPR conform image distribution
  • Sharing features for
    • eMail
    • Facebook
    • Facebook messenger (mobile only)
    • WhatsApp (mobile and WhatsApp Web)
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • XING
    • WeChat
    • Download
    • Download all
  • Fully automatic upload (internet required)
  • Each guest visits your website to download his memories
  • Automatic search engine optimization through many hits and interactions
  • Possible use of the Facebook pixel for target audience advertising
  • High range and diversification of your brand through integrated sharing function
  • Detailed statistical evaluations on the use of the photobooth and microsite
  • Real-time access to the pictures and statistics of the event for real-time control
  • Unique landing page per customer (optional and will require some work in wordpress)


  • The guests can only access images/videos where the PhotoPIN is known -> privacy
  • Editorial mode for your client to delete images/videos on the fly via the webfrontend
  • Automatic removal of pictures/videos at pre-set time intervals (e.g. 30 days after upload)
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Christian Hartmann:

As a one-man-show, I do not always have the time to deal with complex installations. The microsite software plays exactly in there! 5 clicks and I had a working online microsite with great features.

Jürgen Friedrich:

We've been working with Photobooth Deluxe for a long time. This little masterpiece has convinced more customers to book us than the brilliant green screen quality or the speed of printing the photo boxes. Customers want solutions and this is the perfect privacy solution.

Mario Moritz:

Brillant... since the microsite was used in combination with a social locker, we have received a Like for our Facebook page at each event of about 25% of the guests. In future, we will offer this function to our corporate customers as an upsell.


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