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The Matrix of Healing and Change

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You will get to know:
- how to create a supportive environment for healing and change,
- how to bring more joy and well-being into your everyday life,
- what important role acceptance and surrender play,
- how to connect with your intuition,
- how you relax fundamentally,
so that change can happen.

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Anne says:

Many thanks for this bright guide in a turbulent time. The video is like a walker back to me. Thanks for that!I had the impression that the spoken text not only fed my mind, but somehow touched my essence as well ... I will watch the video again and again.

Veronika says:

Puria provides a comprehensive understanding and impetus of how one can get from doing and all its distorted facets, such as defense, stress, injury, restless mind into being ..., into a state where miracles can happen in which inspiration can emerge, possibilities can open up ... only through the dedication and acceptance of everything that is currently showing.I felt all my cells, my whole being, have absorbed and these words and got nurtured. Since Puria itself is the embodiment of these qualities, such as gentleness, expansiveness, and relaxation, her words reached my essence.

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