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​[Course] Reach Python Freelance Level in Your Coffee Breaks

Lifetime access to six-figure freelancer course material (value $699)

Course Content (8-16 Weeks of Intense Mastery Program)

  1. Get Started with Your Personal Science-Based Training Plan
  2. Get an Overview of Python Freelancing
  3. Complete This 5-Step Python Crash Course ($0 - $1,000)
  4. Gain Experience & Start Earning Money as a Python Freelancer ($1,000 - $2,000)
  5. [BONUS Lecture] Create More Value for Your Clients ($2,000 - $4,000)
  6. Boost Your Python Understanding: 100+ Practical Puzzles ($4,000 - $5,000)
  7. Get the Right DNA for Your Coding Business ($5,000 - $10,000)
  8. [BONUS Lecture] Q&A from Finxter Premium Members

Unbelievable 809 (!) minutes of pure freelancer video content: 50+ in-depth lessons to crush your competition!

Bonus Content

  • Lifetime premium member (value $487)
  • Unlimited download of Python certificates (value $99/Y)
  • Unlimited Python puzzles on web app (value $99/Y)
  • Your personal Python training plan (value $45)
  • Join Python Mastermind Group on Facebook (value $67)
  • Unlimited LIFETIME access to BONUS courses on the Finxter Computer Science Academy (value $399)
    • Course 1: Object-Oriented Python
    • Course 2: Python Hangman for Absolute Beginners
    • Course 3: 10 Pillar Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Course 4: NumPy 101
    • Course 5: Introduction to Algorithms
    • Course 6: The Python Toolchain: How Everything Works Together in Python

Computer Science Academy: 1000+ minutes Python video content on top!

  • Bonus 1: your first guaranteed freelancing job - if you want (value $25+)
  • Bonus 2: free advertising of your freelancing services at our website (yearly value $1,200)
  • Bonus 3: free access to upcoming Python course with voted topics ( lifetime value $289)

Total value: $3409

Risk-free! 60-days money-back guarantee.

Brand-new Content: Watch 5 successful freelancers solve interesting, real-world freelancing projects! It really cannot get easier!

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Your Benefit: Intense Python Mastery Program (incl. Training Plan)

Risk-free: 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Better than professor

Rochan says:

I'm learning Python this semester as part of my degree and I found your way of explaining things way better than my professor's (well, at least it works for me).

Great resource

Marcus says:

Thank you for a great resource!!I really appreciate the time, effort, and thought you have put into this.

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