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Definitive Commercial and Industrial Battery Storage Guide


In recent years, the constantly growing market and the prospect of a large number of "discarded" batteries from the e-mobility sector have also brought about a plethora of battery storage system suppliers for industry and commerce.


 This guide focuses on the application options and the resulting business and revenue models. In addition, we answer practice-oriented questions for potential users: Which relevant providers are active in the market? What are the differences between these providers and their products? Which additional services are offered? 

The focus of our analysis are providers of complete solutions. These often differ not just in terms of the battery technology used but also in the power electronics and the control technology, which in many cases is proprietary. This can make all the difference from a user and system perspective.


  1. Introduction and background
  2. Battery storage in commerce and industry - introduction, market, promotion
  3. Description and evaluation of use cases
  4. Description and evaluation of business and revenue models
  5. Provider and value chain of available solutions
  6. Comparison of companies and products
  7. Detailed provider / company profiles


Presentation and format:

  • Guide with 150+ pages in digital PDF format, including
  • 44 pages of company profiles and reference projects


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