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The Italian Coach: Cappuccetto Rosso

Learn to speak italian through short stories

Please note that all the content (pdf & audio mp3) is in italian! 


28 pages ebook + 13 audio mp3 tracks

  • Audio mp3 (slow and fast) of 4 different versions of "Little Red Riding Hood" by the Grimm brothers (2x in the past, 1x in the present, 1x in future).
  • Audio mp3 of the conversation exercises (1x in the past, 1x in the present, 1x in the future). 
  • Audio mp3 with explanation of the most difficult vocabulary of  "Little Red Riding Hood".
  • Audio mp3 of a real and spontaneous conversation about "Little Red Rinding Hood".
  • Detailed guide about how to use the resources (text only).
  • Complete trascription in pdf of all audio tracks.
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