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Wedding Preset Collection

We worked on these beauties for a few month and I bet you will love the new colors! The set includes a total of 10 high quality presets (8x color, 2x black / white) for Lightroom & Photoshop. That's not all! You will also get 17 Tools so you can handle Grain, Tones, Vignette and that kind of stuff much easier! We are fans of soft tones, creamy whites, beautiful skin tones and natural colors. These Looks are perfect for all lighting situations and super easy to use. You will get a warm, soft and natural touch on your photos. Speed up your workflow and push your editing to the next level! After ordering you can directly download the presets. Try it now!

Of course you already know that your outcome depends on how you shoot and what light you prefer. Our photos were shot in shadow or backlight, as this is what we love. Remember that presets are a perfect point from where to start, but sometimes you have to adjust white balance, brightness or anything else. All of the photos on our website are edited with our presets. 


  • Installation Guide
  • Video Tutorial
  • 10 Lightroom Presets
  • 10 Photoshop Presets
  • 17 Tools for Lightroom
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