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Beloved Stories - Beauty of Nature Presets

A preset collection to enhance the beauty of nature. You are a wedding photographer and want to deliver naturally beautiful and timeless photos to your couples? Then we´ve got the right looks for you. This preset collection stands out due to it´s natural radient colors, nice greens and healthy skintones. Some with a nice glow, some more soft and moody with a touch of grain. No matter if you prefer warmer tones or the blueish. We´ve got you covered. We´ve created a color set that makes it easy to achieve a consistent look throughout all of your photos and to fasten your editing workflow. Plus, we´ve added some tools to this collection to make it as easy as possible for you to get a look you´ll love. For a series of pictures that just flow from one to the next. The black and whites are classic, well balanced between luminous whites and rich blacks. We´re very confident that you´ll love them as much as we do. This preset collection contains six color presets and three black and whites. Additionally, you get a toolkit to speed up your editing process. 



* 9 Lightroom Presets

* 9 Photoshop Presets

* 6 Tools for Lightroom

* Installation Guide


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