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Funnelforms Plugin - Agency - for 10 Websites - Monthly

Improve your lead generation, get more customers, a better structure and acquire the right staff with our smart forms!

The visitor can interactively click through steps created by you individually and is thus animated to contact you or to buy your product.

Our tests have shown that you generate up to 377% more leads and inquiries for your company.


* Conversion rate on website compared


Funnelforms Setup Service for 1 Website

With the Funnelforms setup service we take care of the complete form creation, suitable for your individual purpose and business goals. You don't have to worry about anything and get a ready-made form funnel.

Usually, you will receive your finished Funnelforms within 24 hours after submitting all the requirements necessary for us.

Service modules:

  • Design of Funnelforms for your individual goal (new sales, recruitment, appointment booking, etc.)

  • Installation and activation of the plugin and license on the website

  • Creation of all questions incl. implementation of premium icons based on the concept

  • Creation of the contact form and configuration of all settings for email delivery

  • Creation of Funnelforms incl. conditional logic

  • Adaptation of the design to the corporate CI

  • Implementation of Funnelforms on the website

  • If necessary, configuration of integrations
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