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4 Step Diet against Type 2 Diabetes

 Type 2 Diabetes Diet Coaching

complete 60min. coaching video (.mp4) in whiteboard animation style.
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  • 4 steps diet course lower your blood sugar content step by step, so that your medication can be reduced / discontinued by your doctor.

  • every diet should be individual. That’s why my formula calculates the 4 diet steps based on your current food intake  

  • I was able to observe the blood sugar lowering effect of this diet by taking regular blood glucose measurements on my own body.

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About the Author:

Hello, my name is Marc Volz I'm from germany and I got Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 2 years. people with Type 2 Diabetes can often free themselves from pharmaceutical drug treatment with a simple diet change. with my coaching I want to make it easier for the people to reach this goal and make the world a healthier place.

User Review | Heike M. wrote:

A good friend recommended this coaching to me. He had problems with his blood sugar levels and got them under control with this coaching. Here you will really learn everything about diabetes and which foods are suitable and which you should enjoy with caution. Everything is described in the video and his principle makes sense to me. Don't understand why I didn't get this information from my doctor - This coaching is gold worth! - [Source: Mail via Feedback Form]

User Review | Rainer K. wrote:

The video coaching is exactly what I was looking for. The 2 diets that I did before were unsuccessful and after this coaching, I now know why. This coaching showed a clear improvement in blood sugar levels after a short time. I'm now in the third month and can recommend this diet to everyone with type 2 diabetes. - [Source: Mail via Feedback Form]

User Review | Andrew L. wrote:

It's great that someone brings out a video coaching, it was ideal for me as a reading muffle. Medical backgrounds are easy to understand. With this coaching I was able to change my eating behavior positively and my doctor was thrilled because my HbA1c has already improved significantly. I can only recommend this coaching. - [Source: Mail via Feedback Form]

User Review | Marco H. wrote:

I've heard a lot of good things about this coaching. I don't know much about chemistry or biology but he explains it so that I know what I have to do and the results speak for themselves. Unlike many diabetes diet books I've read, this investment has really paid off. - [Source: Mail via Feedback Form]


Disclaimer: There are no “typical” results, nor can any result be 100% guaranteed. The nutritional medicate method coaching video was designed solely for Type 2 diabetics, and is NOT suitable for Type 1 diabetes patients. The author of the nutritional medicate method draws his knowledge solely from his own experience as a diabetic, and from his logical conclusions in the field of biology and nutritional medicine. The application of the nutritional medicate method is at the user's own risk and responsibility. The nutritional medicate method is not a recognized medical treatment method. The author will not be responsible for claims of damage to health as a direct or indirect result of the information contained in this video course. This includes, without limitation, direct or indirect damages resulting from misapplication or misinterpretation of the nutritional medicate method. The Nutritional Medicate Method is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional. The pharmaceutical medicine can only be discontinued / reduced by the doctor - You are not allowed to do it yourself !

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