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Karma Healing Mentoring trial offer

Get to know about the possibilities to transform your negative belief patterns and hurted feelings which come from tangles from past lifes!

Mein Kennenlernangebot beinhaltet: 

  • 180 minutes of karma healing mentoring with me by Phone or Zoom
  • 1 follow-up appointment by Phone or Zoom (60 Minuten) 
  • Your investment in your start in a new life: € 799,- (VAT included). 

The goal of the karma healing mentoring tiral offer is to get to know about the life changing possibilities it offers. 

Note on the right of withdrawal: 

I agree and expressly request that you begin the execution of the comissioned service "Karma Healing Mentoring" trial offer before the end of the cancellation period. This means for you that you can't exchange the introductory offer. 


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Daniela schrieb:

Hallo Tanya, Danke, dass ich von dir lernen darf! Liebe Grüße aus Erfurt sendet dirD.

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