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N-Centive Power-User Access

For professional users such as marketing agencies, consultants, online marketing freelancers, etc. who manage many campaigns for their customers via our software, we offer exciting additional functions with our power user account that make life easier for you as a consultant and account manager.

With a Premium-Consultants-Profile you can easily provide your customers with a quick overview of your qualifications and knowledge (also in areas that go beyond the topic of loyalty and referral marketing) and thus win more customers.

With the manager or multi-user function, you can manage multiple accounts of your customers safely and easily from your account without ever having to share passwords and thus endanger the security of your customers.


Your professional consultant profile contains
All Functions of the N-Centive Standard Account 1
A public Consultants Profile 1
Entry in the consultant database 1
Search engine indexing of your entry 1
Contact form for direct lead generation 1
Do-Follow link to your website 1
Links to Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger each 1
Manager / Multi-User Functionality 1
Team Builder Function 1
Campaign Sharing 1
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