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Beloved Stories - Mobile Presets

CYBER WEEK SALE - Only for a short time


Make better edits and create a gorgeous & cohesive Instagram feed! These presets are perfect for beginners or even experts who want a quick and easy way to edit photos on mobile devices. Especially on the go, it must be quick and easy. This Set is designed to add soft colors and a little magic to your photos. Give your photos an atmospheric and professional look! Now you can use a special selection of our 10 favorite Beloved Stories looks (8x color, 2x b/w) on your mobile phone or tablet!

All you need is the Lightroom Mobile App (available for free on the App Store, iOS and Android). It's easy and NO Adobe Cloud subscription required! No matter if it's travel, food or lifestyle - you will find a suitable look for every photo. Compatible with both jpeg and RAW files. You can not use the presets in the Lightroom Desktop version, only on the phone. The looks are atmospheric, warm and soft. Below you will find some examples! Immediately after purchasing, you will get the looks via e-mail. Important! After the purchase, you must first download the files on you PC / MAC and watch the video about how to install the presets. The installation is super easy and it only takes 2 minutes. Happy editing!



* 10 Lightroom Mobile Presets

* Installation Instructions

* Video Tutorial


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