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Buyer´s Training - Mehrtrainerlizenz

Buyer's Training - Mehrtrainerlizenz

Trainingsunternehmen und Trainerinstitute pro Standort und maximal 10 Trainer/ Nutzer. 

The real market situation is illustrated in the concurrence of market movers on both sides. In order to prevail in this environment, buyers require more than professional knowledge. They require individual training including a wide range of all aspects in the field of negotiation techniques, communicational behavior, and argumentation skills. In short ñ the basics of modern procurement marketing. It is the aim of this seminar to foster the communication between buyers and sellers. Your audience will learn how to solve apparent conflicts of interest between purchasing and sales, and they will be enabled to unite both areas in concerted acts in a common market.

Table of contents


The "Two-winners strategy"
A conflict of interest between buyers and sellers
Basics of communication
Basics of successful communication
Ten commandments for successful communication in purchasing

Buyers versus sellers?
The seller as the purchaser's partner
What sellers learn in sales training, and what purchasers should consequently be familiar with as well 
Argumentation and negotiation techniques
Reducing obstacles and inhibitions
Dealing with dissent

Basics of successful purchasing
Negotiating, or: How to communicate successfully in purchasing
Decision criteria for successful supplier selection
Purchasing policies, or: How to appropriately react to price increases
Acting in accordance with economic cycles

Successful claims
The manufacturer's liability
The written claim

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