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Complaint Management - Mehrtrainerlizenz

Complaint Management - Mehrtrainerlizenz

Trainingsunternehmen und Trainerinstitute pro Standort und maximal 10 Trainer/ Nutzer. 

Dealing with claims and complaints is arguably the most explosive task in sales, you think? Not necessarily! Claims and complaints can lead to an increase in sales if customers are treated correctly with regard to future business. In the seminar, your audience will be shown the right techniques to deal with complaints and objections in order to realize an improved customer loyalty in the future by considering the customers needs in a vivid customer relationship management.

Table of contents

Complaints make you smarter!
What is a claim?
What is a complaint?

Claims as chances
Elements of active claim and complaint management
Successful claim management

Quality as a corporate philosophy
Internal customers <=> External customers
Benefits of continuous quality improvement

Customer orientation concerns everyone!
Who is the customer?
What is customer satisfaction?
What is service?
Rethink your attitude

The most frequent causes of complaints
Emotional causes - Rational causes

What does the customer want to achieve by complaining?
Employ the question technique!
Tactical questions
Claim analysis

The appropriate communication technique for complaint conversations

Appropriate behavior for dealing with complaints
Transforming a claim into agreement
Wrong behavior when dealing with claims and complaints
Techniques for dealing with customers' objections
10 dialectic possibilities for dealing with dissent

Targeted and systematic approaches for dealing with complaints
Structuring successful claim management
Telephone strategies
Telephone guidelines
Telephone script
Responding to written claims
Successfuls complaint settlement

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