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Customer Relationship Management - Firmenlizenz

Customer Relationship Management - Firmenlizenz

Firmen, Behörden und öffentliche Einrichtungen pro Standort mit maximal 100 Mitarbeitern.

The most important precondition to achieve a successful customer loyalty is to change one's own point of view toward a new understanding of supplier-customer relations. You will help your audience to change the basic attitudes and to make CRM practicable for daily business.

Table of contents


What is CRM?

Customer orientation as a philosophy
From product to customer orientation
The customer as king

Customer service
What is a customer?
How does customer orientation benefit the customer?
How does customer orientation benefit the company?

Customer orientation illustrated
The pre-sales stage
The transaction stage
The after-sales stage

Customer satisfaction
Belated reaffirmations
Small tokens of appreciation
Additional services
Involving the customer
Practical tips for successful customer orientation 

Internal quality management
Internal and external customers
The yardstick for quality is: "Zero defects"
Benefits of continuous quality improvement
Magic formula: Relationship management
Breathing references
Customer information archives

Active customer relationship with CRM
What precisely is CRM?
CRM and the product life-cycle
The CRM strategy
CRM tools
Possible obstacles
Rules for successful CRM projects

Closing remarks

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