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Sales Training (Advanced) - Einzellizenz

Sales Training (Advanced) - Einzellizenz

Freiberuflich tätige Trainer, Einzelunternehmer und private Anwender

When do employees have the chance of training a sales conversation without a contract being on the line? Provide your participants with the possibility to train effective negotiating and active selling by intensively exercising their sales skills and abilities.

Table of contents


From classic selling to modern selling

Classic Selling

Potential of a sales conversation 

Methods of conversation control 
Controlling a conversation
Effective speaking
Four aspects of a message
Four ways of perception
Expressing negatives in a positive fashion
Killer phrases

Successful sales conclusion
Reinforcing factors for the conclusion of a deal

Product presentation
Goals of a product presentation
Requirements of a successful demonstration

Structure of an active TM conversation
The ideal structure of a telephone call 
Important requirements of the conversation manual

Exercise: sales training

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