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Sales Training (Basics) - Firmenlizenz

Sales Training (Basics) - Firmenlizenz

Firmen, Behörden und öffentliche Einrichtungen pro Standort mit maximal 100 Mitarbeitern.

Basically, each and every employee in the company is involved in sales and distribution, for a company subsists on sales. You will provide your participants with the necessary basics about selling as well as with psychological background knowledge and required conversation and sales techniques. In practical exercises, you will show your participants how selling really works.

Table of contents


Basics of selling

Performance maximization

setting goals / achieving goals

Three phrases of a sales conversation

Contact phase
The contact phase - the first step toward your success! 
Body language as a means of communication

Basics of communication
Communication and meaning
"Words do not represent reality"
Levels of communication 
Communication occurs on two levels
Avoid suicide words and emotive words!
Examples of emotive phrasings
Optimum outline of the contact phase

Customer needs analysis
Needs analysis
Identify customers' needs
Needs and motivations 
Hierarchy of needs
Psychology of customer motivation 

Correct question techniques
Who asks, leads - who argues, loses!
Don't tall - ask!
The course of interest during a sales conversation 

Active listening
Control and feedback
Balancing a conversation 

Offer phase 
The offer phase - the second step toward your success!
Correct presentation of product and performance advantages
Development of needs
Argumentation technique
Reducing inhibitions and obstacles
How to deal with dissent
10 dialectic possibilities for dealing with dissent
Phrases for dealing with dissent

Conclusion phase
The done deal - our success!
Buying signals
Price negotiations
Psychologically minimizing the price
Discussing prices successfully
Appropriately dealing with rebate negotiations
Concluding the deal 
Conclusion techniques and reaction triggers
Additional conclusion techniqes and reaction triggers

Reinforcers enhance customer loyalty

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