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Candi Flare FX 1.0 for Lightroom + PS

What are the Candi Flare FX Presets?

Whether you're a professional or amateur photographer, you’ll know the problem…
Sometimes the weather plays havoc with the best-planned shoot;  the clouds come out and ruin the effect you wanted.

The Make-up Artist over-runs… The wedding couple have forgotten all about their schedule… The right moment for that brilliant backlit photo at sunset has been lost through no fault of your own.

Or it may be that the composition is perfect but the shot is missing that “little extra.” That bit of magic that’s going to excite you, and your clients.

So what do you do to put things right? In search of a  lens flare effect on your image and a realistic lighting simulation, you need to open Photoshop and start to do some heavy, time-consuming modifications.

NOW we have the perfect solution for you, right in Lightroom with just a few quick clicks!

With the Candi Flares FX, it is now possible to add that exclusive magic to your photos directly in Lightroom and Camera Raw with just a few clicks.

These flares are created from genuine flare photos, then programmed for Lightroom (and Camera Raw) presets. You cannot create these effects directly in Lightroom. They are only possible using Candi Flare Effects.

We have focussed on every detail, not only in developing easy-to-use technology, but also in creating a multitude of  different sun/light options, which are stunningly realistic.

The Candi Flare presets offer you the opportunity to easily improve your images in no time at all. With just a few clicks you can turn your photo from average to magic.

Compatible with our Candi Presets

The Candi Flares can also be ingeniously combined with the entire Candi Presets for Lightroom and Photoshop, which allows you to enhance your image color and in the image effect extremely, with just a few clicks.

Use the effects on your smartphone!

For owners of Adobe Cloud in combination with Lightroom Mobile, the Candi Flare FX presets are also available for your smartphone.
(Note: not all variants of the Candi Flare FX presets are currently supported by Lightroom Mobile, but we're working hard on that.)

Included in Candi Flare FX v1.0 pack:

✅72 Lightroom presets with 20 different sunflare effects

✅Includes 2 color settings for the brush tool

✅Many variants of the presets included (portrait / landscape, sizes, direction, etc.)

✅Simple installation instructions by video

✅Create ingenious photos in no time

✅Improve your pictures quickly & easily

✅Compatible with Lightroom Mobile (some limitations due to Adobe Lightroom)

✅Incredible time savings - hours of optimization are no longer necessary

✅Easy adjustment of the color and intensity of each effect possible


New: 60-days money-back-guarantee! 

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