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Candi Bokeh FX 1.0 for Lightroom + PS

What are the Candi Bokeh FX presets?

Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, you know what you want…
You decide to use the creative technique of shooting through something else in order to add an element of interest and give your image that special WOW factor.

But if that didn’t work out or you needed to adjust the distribution of an effect through foreground, idle and background, you had to resort to elaborate Photoshop work. Not any more…

NOW we have the perfect solution for you, right in Lightroom with just a few quick clicks!

​With the Candi Bokeh FX Presets it is now possible to add that “extra something”to your photos directly in Lightroom and Camera Raw with just a few clicks.

These bokehs are created from genuine bokeh images, then programmed for Lightroom (and Camera Raw) presets.
You cannot create these effects directly in Lightroom. They are possible using Candi Bokeh Effects.

Confetti and rice for wedding photos!

​It’s that special moment of celebration. The guests are throwing confetti or flowers to greet the newly-weds.
But no one has coordinated what they’re doing, the wind blows the confetti away, it’s all a bit of a let-down and the photo isn’t going to lie about that! 

The Candi Bokeh FX package also includes rice and confetti presets so that you don’t have to made do with a disappointing image.

We have focussed on every detail, not only in developing easy-to-use technology, but also in creating a multitude of different effects and options, all of which are stunning realistic.

​The Candi Bokeh FX Presets offer you the opportunity to easily enhance your images directly in Lightroom in no time at all.
With just a few clicks you can turn your photo from average to magic.

Compatible with our Candi Presets

The Candi FX Bokeh Presets can also be ingeniously combined with the entire Candi Presets suite for Lightroom and Photoshop, which allows you to enhance your colors and push your work to the max. However, all our Effects Presets work with your own and other editing presets, as well.

Use the effects on your smartphone!

For owners of Adobe Cloud in combination with Lightroom Mobile, the Candi Bokeh FX presets are also available for your smartphone.
(Note: not all variants of the Candi Bokeh FX presets are currently supported by Lightroom Mobile, but we're working hard on that.)

As with all Candi presets, you can also use the Effect Presets with Photoshop (Adobe Camera Raw) in the same way as Lightroom.

Included Candi Bokeh FX V1 pack:

✅ 20 Lightroom Templates with different effects

✅ Including 9 color settings for the brush tool

✅Also use the Candi Bokehs on your smartphone for landscape photos with the Adobe Cloud

✅Multiple variants of the presets included

✅Simple installation instructions by video

✅Create ingenious photos in no time

✅Improve your photos quickly & easily

✅Incredible time savings - hours of optimization are no longer necessary



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