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Moderation and Presentation - Mehrtrainerlizenz

Moderation and Presentation - Mehrtrainerlizenz

Trainingsunternehmen und Trainerinstitute pro Standort und maximal 10 Trainer/ Nutzer. 

Moderating conferences, discussions, and meetings or giving vivid presentations have become indispensable key abilities for modern business qualifications. Your audience will learn how effective moderations and presentations work. In the seminar, you will lead your participants from defining to performing the actual tasks of moderations or presentations. Show them the appropriate tools that are at their disposal. Familiarize them with illustrating, preparing, and performing moderations and presentation. Additionally, important communication and problem resolution strategies will be trained actively.

Table of contents

What is moderation?
The moderator
Thing to observe as a moderator:
Tools and equipment
How to prepare for a moderation
The structure of a moderation
Questions – A moderator's bread and butter
Problem-solving strategies
Types of participants

What is a presentation?
How to prepare for a presentation
How to organize a presentation
Giving a presentation
Dealing with interruptions and complications
Post-processing the presentation

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